Volume X Adhesive 5ml


Volume X Adhesive is part of the X Series of Beautier Professional Adhesives. Black. 5 ml. Made in Korea.

Volume X is a medium-thin viscosity, fast-setting adhesive. It is our top seller and best performer! This adhesive is suitable for both volume and classic lash application. Shake well before dispensing 1-2 drops on your jade stone or preferred adhesive holder. Use the minimum amount necessary to evenly coat the extension lash with a thin layer of adhesive and immediately place to the natural lash. Do not dab off or swipe excess. Expert bond. Thoroughly cleanse your client’s lashes before and AFTER the service for best results. Oil and water resistant. Daily cleansing and gentle care is all that is needed to advise your clients. Volume X Safety Data Sheet available HERE. All ingredients listed on the bottle label.

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