NEW ESD-15 Soft Grip Tweezer


Our “Grip-Slip® Tweezer” technology applied to an all-time favorite precision tweezer, the ESD-15. Powder-coated for anti-static qualities and the flex-coated tip for gentle, but firm grasp of any ultra-thin lash, volume fan or premade volume express fan. Superb grip without damaging the delicate lash fiber – no more need to “pinch” the lashes in a death grip!

Vetus ESD-15 tweezers are precision made to Swiss standards. Bent at a 45 degree angle, they are similar to a curved 7-SA. The black powder coating discharges static electricity. Approximately 120 cm in length. Suitable for volume applications or classic and is interchangeable as an isolation or application tweezer as called for in each situation. $25

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