bePerm LashLIFT Kit


“1, 2, 3… LIFT!” Beautier’s 3 step system for LashLIFT will lift, curl and wake up your client’s natural lashes. Step 1 – PERM – 10 individual sachets. Step 2 – NEUTRALIZE – 10 individual sachets. Step 3 – NOURISH & CONDITION – 10 individual sachets. The bePerm silicone formation platforms come in size S, M and L – 5 pair in each size are included. The Soft & Clear water soluble glue (2 pieces included) will be used to temporarily glue the shaping platform to the eyelid skin and also the lashes to the platform. You must be a trained practitioner to purchase and use this product/service. Please check with your local board of authority regarding who may/may not perform this service in your geographical location. $150

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