Every Expert Lash Artist relies on Continuing Education to keep them up to date on industry innovations and improvements. Volume Lashing is taking North America by storm, and clients are already looking for practitioners who can provide a masterful application. Lash Educators that raise the bar for entry level Lash Artists, creating more accomplished, expert practitioners are in dire need.

Set your business apart from the rest. Leverage higher learning from the comfort of your own home, office or on the go. Now you can be an early adopter and cutting edge player by partnering with Lash FX Academy – the global experts in online continuing education for the Lash Industry. All Lash FX Academy courses are delivered and consumed online (high speed internet connection is required).

Additional Lash Training

The "Be An Amazing Lash Artist" Project is a review of Lash Extension Foundations and a stepping stone for Professional Lash Artists who wish to take the plunge into mastering advanced theories. Our original one and two day certification courses could not have prepared us for more than we could then absorb as "newbies". The BAALA Project is for Lash Artists in their first year or their EIGHTH year, filling in the gaps and expanding your professional possibilities. Our goal is to help you transform solid lash artistry into expertise!